Welcome to our earth-loving, fun community!

The Wellicious story began in London in 2007 when sustainability was a vision shared by just a few in the fashion industry – including our founder, a self-proclaimed sustainability warrior and mother of three, Heike.

Inspired as a child by her grandmother Maria’s dedication to living a sustainable lifestyle, it was at a trade fair in Paris in 2006 where Heike found herself immersed in a small crowd of people who shared her dream of changing the fashion industry for the better. And so began Heike’s mission to combine her love of Yoga with eco-friendly yet stylish yoga clothes to practice in…and Wellicious was born!

Since the Wellicious beginnings, the concept of a green circular fashion business model was always very tempting: It was our aim to build a company where we could manufacture durable products, reuse and recycle all materials and eliminate fashion waste and pollution. The idea of a fully compostable yoga clothing line seemed near impossible, but we dreamed and aimed big and have succeeded in making that a reality!

We hope you have fun exploring our new Cradle to Cradle yoga collection – and even more fun wearing it.

Let’s make good things happen, together!