When summer is getting too hot – fast cooling tips

When summer is getting too hot – fast cooling tips

Summer can become very hot from time to time and sometimes our body needs a cool down. If you are searching for a refreshment, you will find a good alternative with Sitali Pranayama. Calm your body and mind from the inside and find a balance. Ideally Sitali is practised in calm and comfortable surroundings, but it can also be practised during office breaks or on the go.

Sitali Pranayama is practised in the following way:

- Sit straight, cross-legged or in the lotus pose if it is possible.- Bring your lips in an „O“-shape, stretch your tongue through, rolled in an “O”-Form- Breathe very slowly into in your belly, draw the air in through your tongue- Hold your breath as long as it is comfortable with your mouth closed- Breathe slowly through your nose- Repeat this 5-10 times- Close your eyes and breathe normally through your nose

This breathing exercise does not only cool down the body, it also cleans the blood flow, supplies you with oxygen and and calms your mind.

Another cooling and healthy household remedy is peppermint.Peppermint is a popular medicinal and spice plant and contains a very cooling effect due to its high menthol contingent. The ethereal oil of the peppermint is one of the most famous oils. The peppermint fragrance increases the brain performance and also cools our minds. Simply apply one to two drops on the temples and arteries to benefit from it refreshing effect.Especially during the summer, chilled peppermint tea is lovely. All you need to do is to boil up water, pour it over fresh mint and let the tea steep for 10 minutes. Serve with ice cubes in a glass and garnish the iced tea with some basil and a slice of a lemon.

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