Sustainability is fun and easy!

We’re here to join active women on their personal journeys, helping them make positive consumption choices on the way; to share our conviction that it’s possible to look great whilst protecting nature. Our yoga exercise outfits are versatile, feminine, and easily integrated into everyday life.

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously.

We are passionate about respecting and protecting our planet for our children and future generations to live and love life on as we do! This is why we use GOTS certified organic cotton yarns from Peru and innovative materials (e.g., biodegradable elastomers, trims, sewing yarns) that are safe for biological systems. We use environmentally conscious production processes throughout our transparent supply chain, and only use Cradle to Cradle Certified® colour pigments which are skin-friendly and safe for water and soil.

We want you to feel as good as you look.

Part Peruvian, part German, Heike’s light-hearted spirit, combined with her drive and determination, create Wellicious’ s progressive, sunny core. We’ve embedded our love for beautiful design and a great fit in the most eco-friendly yoga fabrics we can find. We want you to literally feel Wellicious when wearing our garments! 

We love life!

Yes, we sell yoga clothing. But honestly, it is ok to skip your classes sometimes. Feel your body, listen to it and be happy!